Math Tutoring Online was born from the desire to share ease with the world. One of the most transformational moments of my life was when I gave myself permission to let life be easy. 

When I started to believe that life doesn’t have to be hard, everything felt better. I realized that it really is ok to let life be gentle, enjoyable, and pleasant. 

I created Math Tutoring Online because I want to help people experience more ease in their lives. One of the ways I do that is by making math easy. But my students also create more ease in their lives as a whole because I help them learn to love themselves. 

Everything in life is easier when you love yourself, so here at Math Tutoring Online every class, video, tutoring session, and resource is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with yourself as you learn math.

Obviously, it is easier to learn math when you feel good about yourself. But more importantly, being kind to yourself will make your life better even if you never do math again.

My hope is that you continue to love yourself a little more every day. It is my honor to support you in living your life (and learning math) with ease. 

"Jaylee is my favorite tutor I've ever had. She was patient with me when I didn't understand the concept. She was also very fun, I do not like math (not even a little bit) but she made it actually fun and our sessions flew by."
"My daughter thinks more creatively than logically, so math has always been a struggle for her. Jaylee was a very kind and patient tutor who took time to explain concepts in different ways. We highly recommend Jaylee for working with all types of math learners!"
" I appreciate how you listen to me and actually teach me the concepts. You don't just tell me how to get a specific answer. Since you taught me the material, I can easily apply it instead of getting stuck. "
"I love how the first thing she asks is how I am doing and how my day has been, because she actually cares. She also made me feel smart and when it comes to math I never feel like that. Thank you for not only helping me understand but also view myself in a better light."
"I liked Jaylee's approach to teaching math and I appreciated all of the status updates she provided so I really knew what my son had learned and how he was progressing."

Core Values


Math doesn't have to be hard.
And life doesn't either.


Honesty is always the best policy.
Life is better when you keep your commitments.


The relationships you have with yourself and others are more important than math.

A Little Bit About Me...


World Traveler

Book Worm

University Lecturer

Youth Camp Mentor

Self-Help Enthusiast

Spreadsheet Ninja

Digital Nomad

Bilingual Wannabe

My Professional Experience


Taught math to the cutest 5th graders as a special education aide


Taught undergraduate recitations and labs as a teaching assistant


Graduated with my bachelor's degree in Mathematics Eduacation


Taught high school and middle school math for an online school


Attending grad school to earn my master's degree