Need Help with Math?

If you need help with math and you don’t want to wait to schedule a math tutoring session, you can text me a picture of your question and I will make you a video to answer your question within one business day. 

Texting me a question is a great way to get help with math because you don’t have to coordinate your schedule with mine, it is inexpensive, and you can review the video over and over. 

Math Help - Ask me a question and I'll send you a video.

How to Get Help with Math

Pay in Advance

Add at least $15 of credit to your account. Any unused funds will roll over to the next time you ask a math question.

Text Me

Text your math question to the phone number on the email receipt you'll receive after your payment goes through.

Receive Video

After I receive your text, I will answer your question with a personalized video within 1 business day.

How Much Does It Cost?

Getting help with math via video is less expensive than doing online tutoring with me because you only pay for the time that you need instead of paying for a full hour of tutoring.

The cost of each video depends on the length of the video. 

Every video costs \(\$3\) plus \(\$1\) for each full minute of recorded content. So, if the video length was 2:56, the cost would be \(\$5\)And if the video length was 3:01, the cost would be \(\$6\)

If you send me multiple questions at once, I can answer all of your questions in one video so you only have to pay the \(\$3\) base cost once. 

Video Length Price
0:01 to 0:59
1:00 to 1:59
2:00 to 2:59
3:00 to 3:59

Other Ways to Get Help with Math

Online Tutoring

Meet with me online in Zoom for 55 minutes and ask me as many questions as you want.


Let me be your math teacher and earn high school math credit with our online math courses.

Free Tutorials

Explore my free math tutorials with videos, step-by-step examples, and practice worksheets.