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Thank You For Your Payment! If you have any issues scheduling or logging in for your tutoring session, text me at (650) 271-9094 or email me at How to Schedule and Attend Your Tutoring Session Schedule a Time Time zones will sync automatically My Calendar Prepare Yourself Make sure you understand how Zoom works Watch […]

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Thank You For Your Payment! Please text your math questions to ‪(650) 271-9094‬ How to Use the Credits in Your Account Take a Picture Screenshot or photograph your math question Text Me Send the picture to (650) 271-9094 Watch My Video Receive a personalized video answer within 1 business day Any Questions? If you have […]

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Need an Online Math Tutor? Hi, I’m Jaylee and I’ve been a professional math tutor for the last 10 years.  I love being a math tutor because I love seeing my students experience moments where they say, “Oh, that is easier than I thought!”  I have my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education and I’ve taught […]

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Online Math Courses Math is most meaningful when you understand why it works. In my online math courses, I will show you how to do the calculations but more importantly, I will show you where math comes from and why it works the way it does. When I was working on my degree in Math […]

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Need Help with Math? If you need help with math and you don’t want to wait to schedule a math tutoring session, you can text me a picture of your question and I will make you a video to answer your question within one business day.  Add Credit to Your Account Texting me a question […]

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How Can I Help You? Let’s Make This Easy! Online Tutoring Meet with me via Zoom to get your question answered in an online tutoring session. Schedule a Session Homework Help Text me a question and I’ll send you a personalized video explaining how to find the answer. Text Me a Question Free Tutorials Browse […]


About Math Tutoring Online Math Tutoring Online was born from the desire to share ease with the world. One of the most transformational moments of my life was when I gave myself permission to let life be easy.  When I started to believe that life doesn’t have to be hard, everything felt better. I realized that […]